Compassion Demands Action

Compassion is rare in our selfie-centered world. We scroll through our Facebook posts, glancing at cat videos, guacamole recipes and just another Christian being beheaded in the middle east. On our newsfeed they are all the same.

Have we become numb to people’s pain? Maybe we “feel sorry,” but do we actually do anything?

Compassion and empathy are not the same. You can feel empathetic for someone, but it’s not until you act that you have demonstrated compassion.

We learn this from Jesus. Every time scripture says that Jesus was moved with compassion, an action followed.

For example, Mark 6:34 says, “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, He had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So He began teaching them many things.”

Jesus saw these people, had compassion, then He did something. He met a need. He became the change agent.

How can we apply this to our lives? First, I think it is important to understand that we are all called to have compassion. Even if you don’t consider yourself “in touch” with your feelings, you can still be a compassionate person.

It’s not a spiritual gift for the select few. It’s not a chick thing. It’s a Christian thing.

Take after Jesus. When your heart bleeds for someone, do something. I’m not saying that you have to solve all of their problems, but I am saying that you should do what you can.

So, next time you are scrolling through Facebook, open your eyes to the hurt. Defrost your numb heart. How can you be Jesus to someone?

Maybe it’s as simple as sending a text of encouragement. Maybe it’s donating a few dollars to a ministry that you keep seeing appear on your newsfeed.

Whatever you do, don’t do nothing.


Here’s a few pictures from Nick’s recent trip to Haiti. He and another pastor from our church took a team of high school and college students to serve at Open Door Haiti, an incredible ministry with which our church is partnered.


CLICK HERE to check out Open Door Haiti. There’s lots of opportunities to get involved.


Another great cause that we are involved with in our area is Feeding Children Everywhere. This photo was taken when Nick and I took a few students from our church to package food for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal last year.

Find out more about Feeding Children Everywhere HERE.


When Jesus was moved with compassion He WENT to them. Who is God calling you to love on today?

One thought on “Compassion Demands Action

  1. Jesus came to show us what true compassion is. Put God first than others. Sometimes just a smile to someone can make their day.


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